Two Firsts and a Second Prize in the Gardener’s Rest Photo Competition! (Yes… I know it’s only a pub…)

I am now the proud owner of six free pints of beer (already consumed), a box of chocolates and two boxes of delicious biscuits!

I almost forgot… and another two inches on the waistline… must be the price of fame.

I’ll include the pictures below; The first one is ‘Blue Shift’ for which I won a 1st.

The¬†following picture is ‘Light Speed’ which won another 1st.

The third picture, which came second and won the chocolate ginger nuts, is ‘Shrimp Net’

‘Blue Shift’ was captured in Poland last September (2009). We had just driven the engine into the yard after a hard shift. It is lit in 3 ways, The yard lights at the rear of the tender as you can see, the lights from the coaling plant and the turntable to the front left hand and, more importantly, side-lit by the lights from the Bar Blizniak¬†across the road.

Light Speed is a picture of a single lighting rig for the castle (Palace?) at Czesly Krumlov in the Czech Republic. This is a completely hand-held shot with a long exposure. I must have been sober that night… I particularly like the moth trails in the light stream. What now intrigues me, is that the moths only seem to congregate around one of the light-heads. Answer that one if you can! What interested me at first was the conflict between the potential for movement in the bike, which the lights initially appear to be fixed to, and the static nature of the two seats. But then… I’m easily pleased…

‘Shrimp Net’ was caught in Loutro on South-West Crete last May (2010) The child was playing quite unconsciously with the net. I was sat outside a bar… how unusual… and just grabbed the camera. And the rest, as they say, is a photograph. Interestingly, the boy and his parents alighted from a small boat, never left the jetty, and powered off again without properly coming ashore. I hesitate to say that that was about me… but you never know.

Talk to me… It’s lonely out here…