Bill Allerton¬† lives, sleeps, drinks, writes and worries in his native city of Sheffield – where he currently has three works in progress; a novel about children under the working title of ‘Urban Foxes’ which he hopes to complete someday, a science fiction epic and a novel that spans two-thousand years of subterfuge and conflict.

Bill has thankfully never quite lost his child-like take on life and this, combined with a delightful sense of humour and a talent for words, enables him to enter and create a welcoming space within the world of the child.

For five years Bill has worked voluntarily at his old primary school where, since the school has become multi-ethnic, English is more often a second language. He is adamant that he is not a teacher but a friend, and remains, as always, the naughtiest boy in class.

Bill lives in Sheffield, which is seventy-one miles from the sea.

He has a boat…