A Wish for Wings 

Hudeifa and Hanna raced across their favourite meadow, the grass flying swiftly beneath their hooves. A silver fire spread around Hanna as she began to draw quickly away, leaving Hudeifa behind.

‘That’s not fair!’ said Hudeifa, ‘You always use Magic to beat me.’

‘But you are bigger and stronger than I am,’ said Hanna, ‘and that’s not fair either.’

Hudeifa stopped and began to walk slowly towards the river in the bottom of the shallow valley. There were trees lining each bank and once inside them he knew that all he would hear would be the sounds of the free birds and the ripples of the water trickling over stepping stones. It was a place where he could forget Hanna, and the way she always used her Magic to win. As Hudeifa walked, the sun shone down on him and was absorbed by his night-black coat. There were tiny patches where silver hair grew, making him appear like a moving piece of starry, starry night. His muscles were strong and never-tiring and they rippled under the surface as he walked. Hanna slowed down and trotted back to join him,

‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘but you are such a fine black stallion, that it’s the only way I can keep up.’

‘I’m surprised you can’t fly, with all your Magic,’ snorted Hudeifa.

Hanna shook her brilliantly silvered, spiral Unicorn horn at him, ‘You know that’s the one thing I can’t do,’ she said, ‘So don’t tease. Let’s have a drink at the river and I’ll race you back up the meadow.’

 ‘No Magic?’ said Hudeifa.

 ‘No Magic,’ agreed Hanna.

At the waters edge it was silent except for the rippling of the slow river and the treble of the birdsong. They admired each other’s reflections in the still pool from which they liked to drink. Hudeifa could see what a fine, white Unicorn Hanna was, and could not help but admire the beautiful silver horn that stood straight out from her forehead. She bent forwards and her horn touched the surface of the water where a soft shimmering glow spread from it. Hudeifa dipped his head and drank from the pool. The water was just the right temperature, and tasted faintly of fresh apples.

‘Alright,’ laughed Hudeifa, ‘I agree. Magic can be useful… sometimes.’

Suddenly, the ground beneath their hooves began to shake and shudder so much that Hudeifa and Hanna almost lost their balance. From beyond the trees came a loud roaring noise...


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