How Tree Got His Bird

Tree was swaying softly
in the early autumn rain
when he heard a song and stopped to listen,
then heard it once again

He looked beneath his branches
and saw there, sheltering, Bird
‘That is the saddest song’ sighed Tree,
‘that I have ever heard’

Bird looked up, ‘I’m tired’ sang she,
‘Though I did the best I could,
I can only hop upon the earth
and now I’m splashed with mud’

‘Then rest’ sighed Tree ‘and close your eyes
and lay upon the ground
I’ll spread my branches over you
to keep you safe and sound’

Bird closed her eyes and fell asleep
to dream of light and air
and clouds that filled the rushing sky
and dreamed herself up there

An autumn breeze took hold of tree
and shook his head so tall
and as his branches bowed and swayed
his leaves began to fall

They fell in autumn colours
of red and gold and brown
and covered up the little bird
as she lay on the ground...


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