Kythera is the largest of a short archipelago of islands that stretches across the Mediterranean from the westernmost tip of Crete up towards the Peloponnese. There is a smaller island named Antikythera (See Novel, a work in progress) that unfortunately, due to the timing of the ferries and the shortage of accommodation on the island (10 rooms max.), I was unable to set foot on. I do however have a couple of eerie night shots that seem almost biblical.


Some of the following shots were taken beside a well that can only be accessed by treading carefully down a steep, narrowly winding path that is completely strewn with rocks and rubble. On the very hot day we made our way along it, we found ourselves following a crowd of visually impaired people and their carers. Surprisingly, they never held us up, and the atmosphere they created with their happy laughter ringing out all around the small valley was somehow quite magical.


At the bottom of the path was what can best be described as an enchanting grotto. The well-spring had dried up and so had the small waterfall, but that was merely the time of year (June). The air above the water was alive with the blue dragonflies (forgive my ignorance if they have a different name) that you can see in the pictures below. Unforgettable.



But, your majesty                Moment in the Spotlight       One Small Step




Grotto                                  Bridge at the Well                Sharps & Flats




Dock of the Bay                   Kythera Harbour                  Who put that rock...